The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation - Established 1998


The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation

The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation is a California family foundation established in 1998 by the late Alice Brown Miller, wife of Julius Sumner Miller, who passed away in 1987.  The Foundation is dedicated to benefit society by supporting programs that foster science, particularly physics, and aid health care for the elderly that improves their quality of life.

Julius Sumner Miller - Scientist, Author, Broadcaster and Teacher - was born on a New England farm May 17, 1909.  He married Alice Brown Miller April 21, 1934.  His early schooling in New England was in an era of "severe academic and intellectual rigor."  He attained degrees in philosophy and physics (BS and MA) from Boston University and the University of Idaho (MS).  He subsequently held fellowship positions at various universities, including one as a Carnegie Grant Fellow with Albert Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton).

Professor Miller taught physics at many colleges from 1936 to 1974, with his last such position at El Camino Community College in Torrance, California.  He wrote a number of books, produced several hundred TV programs (both here and abroad) and appeared on many television shows such as the Steve Allen and Johnny Carson's Tonight shows, challenging laymen and scientists to understand "nature."  Professor Miller spent years traveling the world demonstrating physics and posing "enchanting questions for enquiring minds."

Walt Disney named him "Professor Wonderful" for his work on the Mickey Mouse Club.  The American Association of physics teachers awarded him a Distinguished Service Citation for his work in physics.  He is listed in American Men of Science, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.  He was a visiting lecturer in Australia for 28 years, including the International Science School, Sydney University.

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