The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation - Established 1998

The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation

The desire to perpetuate the memory and achievements of popular author, world-wide lecturer and television guest & host, Julius Sumner Miller, was conceived by his widow, Alice Brown Miller.  The result: The creation and formation of the Julius Sumner Miller Foundation, established in 1998 to benefit both science (primarily physics) and in-home care for the elderly by making grants to worthy charities in the South Bay area of southern California who actively support and/or are involved in these fields.

Having such popular and respected individuals as the late Steve Allen - and seeking other notables as Don Herbert, Mr. Beakman and Bill Nye - to serve on the Foundation's Honorary Board of Trustees is no small feat.  Certainly, it is testimony to the lasting respect which has developed for the work and teachings of Professor Miller and his numerous television appearances throughout the years.

The Julius Sumner Miller Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Karen Liebig, President

  • Robin C. Ryan, Executive Vice President & Treasurer

  • Jim Lund, Vice President

  • Charles T. Spagnola, Vice President & Secretary

  • Colette Steele, Vice President

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